Change Dappnode hardware for eth2.0 validators

Good afternoon,

I need to migrate my eth2.0 validator from my Dappnode advanced to my Dappnode extreme.

My plan is to make a backup of the validator eth2.0 package in the Dappnode advance, turn off the validators one hour and after that deploy the eth2.0 validators backups in the new dappnode extreme.

Do you see any problem of being slashed on that? I have found and very useful guide from Prysmatic labs in order to avoid being slashed.

I want to remark these steps in order to avoid being slashed:

Step 1: Export slashing protection history

Step 2: Verify and Backup Validator accounts

Step 3: Importing Validator accounts

Step 4: Importing slashing protection history

Step 5: Verification and restarting the validator client


In order to minimise slashing risk, it is recommended that the migrated validator is not started until at least 1 epoch following the last action taken by the original validator.

My questions is: Does Dappnode Prysm eth2.0 validator package backup contain the slashing protection history?

Thank you very much!!


This will work just fine snd you won’t have an issue. To answer your question though no the slashing protection DB is not in that backup nor do you need it to transfer machines.

I DO NOT suggest the following, but I have never had an issue moving my validators and I’ve done it dozens of times never used the backup just reimported the keys since I didn’t always use dappnode (like when my drive failed and I had to use a VPS for a while) and I never waited more than 2 epochs sometimes I don’t wait at all. All I do is make sure I kill the first validator make sure it’s down before starting the next and then just launch the new validator on the other machine as soon as the other is confirmed to be not running. I’ve done this many times without waiting even an epoch and successfully transferred validators without missing an attestation or getting slashed. But again I DO NOT recommend this strategy for anyone. I tell it mainly to assuage the fears so many have about moving validators and getting slashed. I’ve done it a lot of times across different machines, countries, data centers, snd even clients. And the real rule to be safe is just wait 3 full epochs of missed attestations before starting the new one. You would have to make some huge mistake like not turning off the old validator to be slashed following the 3 epoch rule. And the slashing protection database never needs to be transferred.

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