Can't connect to Internet

I received my DAppNode Xtreme yesterday and plugged it into my router - However while initial WiFi setup ran fine, it cannot connect to the internet. The Auto Diagnose says:

Cannot connect to the internet. Could not fetch own public IP. Was previously connected but got disconnected. Error fetching public IP network timeout at: network timeout at: network timeout at:
•    Make sure your DAppNode is connected to the internet. Make sure to plug its ethernet cable to the router.

Neither does the DappNode appear as an Ethernet device in the network map of my Router. I am using the cable that came with the NUC 10. My NAS connects fine with that same cable in the same port in the router. Trying to connect the NUC to another router I have doesn’t work either. So then I put a display and a keyboard on the NUC 10 to check the BIOS settings and the LAN onboard device is ENABLED. I am running out of ideas besides wondering whether this is a Ethernet Adapter HW error - any advice on what my next step should be? (Do you guys test the ethernet connection before shipping the NUCs out?)

hey! sorry for the delay in the response
Are you still experiencing connectivity issues? It would be a really weird issue that the ethernet card from the DAppNode does not work, however it might be.

If you are pretty sure thats the issue and the DAppNode is still under warrany you could return back the DAppNode @Lanski

Thanks for the ping! We are already processing this technical hardware issue with @sorenp and the warehouse.