Can't access .ovpn file after completing installation process from iso

I am currently following Installation Guide on GitHub to install DAppNode on my Dell PC with the necessary hardware requirements. Installing from an iso over WiFi, not connected via ethernet.

I successfully complete the process but when I get the QR code + link to access the .ovpn file, I see two alerts:

ALERT: You may not be able to connect. Turn your router’s UPnP on or open the VPN port (1194/udp) manually

ALERT: NAT-Loopback is disabled. If you are connecting from the same network as your DAppNode, use the internal IP: []

I confirmed that my router’s UPnP is on but my router (NetGear R6200) does not support NAT-Loopback.

As a result, when I scan the QR code with my phone, I receive an error in Safari that the server cannot be found. When I retype the URL into my MacBook Pro, I also get a similar error. I have OpenVPN on both devices but cannot build the profile since I cannot access the .ovpn file.

I am fairly technical (Product Manager at a software company) but I am very new to the world networking, VPN, port forwarding, etc.

Any tips for getting this up and running? I am planning to test again tomorrow with an ethernet cable directly connected between my router and the PC but not sure if this will resolve the issue. I know that my WiFi signal is very weak in my room.