Cannot join Discord Server

Hi, after entered dApp Discord server, I tried to verify myself and pass through the captcha gate. But where is the captcha picture? I don’t see it in my Discord client.

Where is the captcha?


This is what I see when I click on Answer

also having trouble joining the discord. Link on dappnode website is invalid.

hey @jimmychu0807! we’re very sorry about that, I’ve manually assigned you the Member role so you shouldn’t have any issues now, please let me know if this isn’t the case.

@node if you’re still having issues, please send me a DM here or on Discord and I’ll help you out :slight_smile:

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Hi @node I finally figured what’s wrong. It is related to the Discord client setting.

Enable the four options in the Discord client will make the captcha appearing. Probably only the forth one is enough, but I didn’t bother to test that out.