Cannot download .ovpn config file from QR code or link. Receive error

I have just installed dappnode on my HP desktop using the ISO USB install.
It is connected via ethernet to my router.
I am able to get through the install, login with my username and password, and run dappnode_connect.

However, once I scan the QR code or copy the link, I receive an error " is unreachable.
Checking the connection.

I was originally using a Verizon FIOS router, which according to FIOS tech support does not allow NAT loopback.
I have since bridged the router with a new netgear router that allows NAT loopback as well as Upnp, but i still receive the same error that the link is not reachable.

I tried replacing the node IP in the beginning of the download link,as I saw in another support request, but can’t seem to get it to work either… maybe I am not entering the IP correctly.

Please help! I feel like im almost there…