Cannot connect to Prysm dashboard after restarting DAppNode

I unplugged and plugged back my DAppNode NUC as a test, and now I can’t access the Prysm dashboard (prysm-pyrmont.dappnode) anymore and my validator is also missing attestations. This message keeps beeing displayed in the logs:

time=“2020-11-24 10:07:06” level=warning msg=“Running on Pyrmont Testnet” prefix=flags
time=“2020-11-24 10:07:06” level=info msg=“Enabling web portal to manage the validator client” prefix=node
time=“2020-11-24 10:07:06” level=info msg=“Opened validator wallet” keymanager-kind=direct prefix=node wallet="/root/.eth2validators/direct"
time=“2020-11-24 10:07:07” level=error msg=“could not read keymanager for wallet: could not initialize imported keymanager: failed to initialize account store: wrong password for wallet entered: invalid checksum” prefix=main

Any idea how I can fix this? Right after installation of the Prysm-Pyrmont package, everyhting went smooth for hours.

Looks like there might be a difference between the password you used for the installation and the one you set in Prysm

Go to Admin UI > packages > Pyrmont > Config and make sure the password there is exactly the same as the one you introduced in the Prysm onboarding step

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I didn’t realise it was the same password, and actually I successfully logged into the Prysm Pyrmont interface with 2 different ones. I changed the one in DAppNode to match the latest created one and restarted Prysm Pyrmont. Everything was running fine for a few hours so I tryied unplugging/plugging back the DAppNode NUC and now I get this message instead:

time=“2020-11-25 08:12:57” level=warning msg=“Running on Pyrmont Testnet” prefix=flags
time=“2020-11-25 08:12:57” level=info msg=“Enabling web portal to manage the validator client” prefix=node
time=“2020-11-25 08:12:57” level=error msg=“could not open wallet: could not read file as bytes: open /root/.eth2wallets/wallet-password.txt: no such file or directory” prefix=main

I did a fresh installation of DAppNode on a new HD, and knowing this I took care of using the same password like you suggested. The problem seems solved now, thanks for the solution!

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