Cannot connect to my DappNodeAdvanced Wifi

Since I checked yesterday, my DappNodeWIFI is apparently available, however I cannot connect to it from any device. I am not sure why and annoyingly I haven’t set up VPN yet. I can see from etherscan that the validator is working fine, but I cannot access it at all. Is there any reason this might be the case? and would it be safe for me to turn the box off and on again to try and fix it?

Hi there @Rupieeroo!

A few users already reported this issue after the last update. There are other solutions to restore the wifi of your dappnode before try rebooting it:

  1. Connect through ssh: using the local IP of your dappnode and a tool like ssh for Linux, and putty for windows, you should be able to reach the CLI of your dappnode.

  2. Plugin a monitor and a keyboard directly to your dappnode

Once inside your dappnode run the following command to restart the wifi service:

docker restart
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I will try this over the next couple of days and if I’m stuck will message again, thank you.

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