Can´t connect Metamask to BESU

Hello, I have my ETH main node full sinc ,BESU + TEKU , Dappnode is running in my own machine under ESXI 8.0 , UPNP is enable in my router , upnp scan says “open” all ports , but API scan says error in TCP 4001 , 443 , and 80 ports.
Wireward is enabled and configured ok, neither rpc url http://besu.public.dappnode:8545 with activated VPN , or https://besu-besu-public.************ VPN disabled ,Metamask Can´t connect…
Could you help me???

GM! did you check that when you generated your Wireguard credentials you were generating local credentials? try to double-check this and I’ll also leave you this link to our Discord FAQ that covers this issue :wink:

Let us know how it goes!

Wireguard FAQ: Discord

Yes , I have test the wireguard vpn with both, local and remote config, still no conecting:
Metamask show: Could not fetch chain ID. Is your RPC URL correct?

I deccided to change to other client , nethermind + lodestar works great…
but now I cant upload my keystores… Web3signer cant conect to the server…

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