Besu always stuck at 99.99% synced

I have been syncing Besu + Teku for past two days. I noticed that I’ve been stuck at 99.99% and can’t sync the last few blocks. Then every hour or so, I’ll sync a bunch of blocks and then get stuck again.

The UI even shows fully synced at some times and then switches to a 99.99% progress bar. It then alternates back and forth between this display.

How come my execution client isn’t able to stay on top of all the new blocks and always seems to be a few blocks behind? Every hour or so it catches up and then gets stuck.

This is two screenshots of the different views… both stuck at block 17647357.

Was able to solve this by changing sync mode to X_CHECKPOINT and waiting for it to catch up. The dashboard UI wasnt helpful since it just showed 100%, but logs showed it was still syncing

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