Beginner Questions

Hi Guys, I have a few questions which I am hoping someone can help me with.

  1. Is there anything in general I should know before buying the DappNode?

  2. I have read it is better to Do I need a static IP address or anything from my ISP? ( I have read that it is better if router accepts incoming connections as it is positive in terms of networking and peering with every other nodes.) How do I check this? Which nodes do I need to open?

  3. Is there a common hurdle people come up against with DappNode?

  1. Choose wisely on which spec, depending on what you are going to run, if it’s eth validator make sure there is enough disk space 4tb recommended and at least 32gb ram but it’s said to have 64gb ram upgrade due to the merge, eth clients are taking much more on RAMs
    Optional - you can watch my unboxing video about DAppnode
    DAppNode Unboxing What To Expect?! Free $1900?! Discount Code?! - YouTube

  2. DAppnode will open ports on the packages by default, if your router supports uPNP it will be great, pretty much nothing for you to do. Static IP is optional, depending on what you are running but for most of the package out there no static IP is really needed.

  3. When packages are released from official githubs / projects DApp will upgrade it and test it before releasing publicly to ensure everything works fine, there might be bugs found from early stage of new package available for upgrade, thus it’s a community effort to report it on discord / github so they can resolve it asap.

There is this thing against VPS / most validator right now are running on AWS / VPS, making the network look very centralized instead of decentralized idea, suppose to let individual run nodes from their own PC and get incentivized / help the network with decentralization.