Basic troubleshooting guide?

Hi there,

Is there a basic troubleshooting guide available for potential issues when using dappnode for eth2 staking with prysm on mainnet?

As an example I have a single validator running and have been missing attestations a lot. So have been trying to figure out the general source of the issue. I didn’t find a resource yet so am using general logic to rule out potential causes.

If there is something out there specifically for dappnode GUI users it would be great if someone could share a link :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jono.

I’ve looked on ethstaker discord channel and saw the below - Keen to hear thoughts. Is it worth it trying to address potential clock issues for example, or does the dappnode software definitely cover this?

Hi @jono!
To debug attestation performance I would recommend to install the DMS package so you can monitor your node in more detail and check:

  • peer count over time, is it high enough? Does it fluctuate too much?
  • CPU usage, does it reach 100% too often?

On the DMS we offer a monitoring dashboard that is well known by the ethstakers community. With that tool you can share screen shoots and they will be able to help you in much more detail!

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Thank you @dapplion ! I do have DMS installed and need to spend time in it.

In the case of my current missed attestations, it was solved (at least for 2 days now) after powering off my NUC for about 30 mins. But I know that I didn’t get to understand the cause at all by doing it that way, so DMS is the next task for when it happens again. Appreciate the help.

I’m also having issues with Prysm. In my case, instead of intermittent missed attestations - I’m seeing a more sudden failure with all validators missing attestations (logs and more detail in separate issue: Prysm Missed Attestations).

For now, it seems that rebooting my DappNode works but that doesn’t seem like a sustainable solution and when failure occurs overnight I’m missing many hours of attestations.

I’ve only noticed this issue since upgrading to v1.1.0.

What are the steps to modify the number of peers via Dappnode / Prysm?

To modify the maximum number of Prysm peers through DAppNode:

  1. Launch DAppNode Admin: http://my.dappnode
  2. Select Packages
  3. Select Prysm
  4. Select Config
  6. Add the following to “Beacon Chain EXTRA_OPTS” --p2p-max-peers=## where ## is the number of maximum peers.
  7. Select ‘Update’ to save changes

Mine is set to 75 based on what I saw in Discord