Backup and restore validator keys

is it possible to get a button for backup and restore validator keys?

as a story, user runs validators Witti testnet when?

user clicks Backup button. all keys and configs are saved externally.

user reinstalls dappnode (or pretend disk failed so reinstall needed)

when user installs validators, user is asked if they want to restore keys. user says Yes.

all validators are restored

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 14.12.40

I think that’s what the “Backup” tab of your validator package does.

@dapplion, could you list all the data that is backed up with this function? Private keys? Graffitti choice?

@Lanski nailed! When clicking this “backup now” button you download the /root/.config/ethereum2 folder which contains all your private keys + passwords + account metadata (handled by ethdo)

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awesome is there instructions for how to Restore from the backup? don’t know docker well.

would there be plans to include Restore option when installing the witti package and others like topaz package?

To restore you can just go the same UI the @Lanski showed, click “Restore” and select the file that was backed-up originally.

And yes, the ideal would be to have a uniform solution across clients. Using the same validator keys across multiple networks is not recommended. You should do deposits for different keys on each test network do you want to participate.


any tips for general backup? Backing up the DappNode