Archive Node - Hardware Strategy

Planning to spin up an ethereum archive node using the DAppNode Geth package - partially to utilize and partially to shut up some bitcoin maximalists that say it’s not possible. I have several questions as follows; all help super appreciated.

Would the following be the best extra opts to get it syncing as an archive node? (pulled from this thread: Archive Geth Node ):
–gcmode archive --syncmode full --rpcapi eth,net,web3,txpool

I plan to use this and four NVMe drives in Raid 0 to create a drive large enough. ( ). I’m not really a hardware guy, so if you see any issues with that approach please let me know. Suggestions welcome.

I eyeballed the curve here ( Ethereum Full Node Sync (Archive) Chart | Etherscan ) and estimate that 4 4TB (16TB total) NVMe’s would at least have enough space to get me to the end of 2022 . . . please let me know if my reasoning is flawed here.

Final questions - any foreseeable issues with creating a VPN link (non admin) and sharing it publicly once this is finished? (I’m on a gigabit residential connection) Are there any publicly accessible archive nodes currently? Would this even be beneficial to the community at large?

Thanks DAppNode team and the community; wish me luck! All feedback truly appreciated!

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