Archive Geth Node

¿Is it possible to run the Geth client as an Archive Node?

How yo do it? I configured the EXTRA_OPTS variable of Geth package as follows and the volume size is 256 GB while it should be around 4 TB:
--gcmode=archive --rpcapi eth,net,web3,txpool

@jordimorris has some experience I think! But make sure you’ve got MASSIVE DISKS, because it was 4TB a few months ago, I’m sure it’s over that now.

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Yeah, I know, I hope he can give me some tips before it is 5 TB :grin:

good to see your about to sync one!

I think the syncmode full is missing:

–gcmode archive --syncmode full --rpcapi eth,net,web3,txpool


Right now is 4.6TB!

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What a gigantic motherfucker :laughing:

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