An Idiots Guide Please

From doing Basic programming on my 48k Spectrum computer to my Acorn PC crashing in computer classes and my teacher thinking I turned it off in rebellion. I’ve missed the boat on this. All attempts catch up have been met with ridicule. I am not stupid but the acceptance of the internet as it was something that upset me when I first got online in 99. Shared ledger systems and what this has grown into makes sense to me and I desperately want to catch up but I don’t handle ridicule well and I can’t seem to find any way of getting from a basic understanding to a more complex one. I can’t even work out if these products can be used for web browsing and entertainment as well. I keep hoping that my dilemma is a shared one and that the community can grow through embracing it but I only ever get ridicule. This doesn’t seem healthy for me or the community.

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