Allow NODE to be lent and borrowed on AGAVE

Hello to the DAppNode DAO!

I’m sure many of you have seen the long-awaited launch of the AGAVE lending protocol on xDAI. I think it’s pretty cool to see some much needed developments on the network and what would be more exciting is the unique projects and protocols coming together to make our ecosystem more interconnected. To that end I would like to see what the DAO’s core contributors think of bringing the NODE token onto the AGAVE platform?

The exposure alone for the platform would be amazing and it would open up whole new dynamics for the token allowing it to be lent, borrowed, furthering increasing the tokens utility across the network. I’d love to hear more thoughts!


This sounds like a great idea!

I’d be super keen on getting someone to push for this and totally vote YES.

I admit I’m not the most DeFi-savvy around here, but my guess is that at the beginning it would probably not get much interest due to the fact that it’s probably a lot more productive in terms of returns to stake it in the NODEstaking - but it’s a great building block for integration of NODE within other products / DeFi.

Is there any more information on how we’d go about this?

Do you know what the process is to get in Agave as one of the tokens to lend/borrow?