Adding lighting network node while staking Eth?

I would like to run a lightning network node and channel. Is it ok to add it to my current dappnode NUC used for Eth staking? or I’m better seting up a second unit running dappnode or an other software? (looking at best practice to have something reliable)

LN is not a very resource intensive package aside from having a local bitcoin node and even then it’s just the blockchain which is not growing nearly as quickly as ETH. So if storage isn’t an issue for you then you should be totally fine. It everything is resource dependent and it matters what hardware you use. I have many DAppNodes, 2 on NUCs and many more in VPS’s VMs VDSs and big overpowered dedicated servers in data centers. And on my smaller NUC it’s still and xtreme but it’s a couple years old now I’m pretty successfully running 9 or more chains and ~40 packages total including system. Just know your hardware resource limitations by using DappNode Exporter’s Docker resource usage dashboard so you know what is using which resources and how much is free

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