A few basic Qs about dappnode

I have been able to access my.dappnode and interact just fine with the UI (and see all green check marks indicating no problems in “support”) without using a VPN on my laptop which I’m accessing it through.
My questions are: Do I need to set up a VPN (like Tunnelblick) on my laptop to access and use my Dappnode mini, or not really? Is it highly recommended to set up a VPN connected to the dappnode mini and would it be very poor security not to?
I hesitate because a few people sort of recently have indicated VPN issues, and I’m not tech savvy enough to fix an issue on my dappnode if some issue arises that requires prior coding knowledge. My support screen has always shown a green check mark next to “VPN is connected” which I’m happy about, but I haven’t gotten any packages except the DMS.

What is the credit-card-sized card for that came with the Dappnode mini? I set my device up but don’t remember needing it.

My laptop now wants to connect to my dappnode mini’s wifi instead of my regular wifi when I turn on my laptop. Qs: Should I not be using the dappnode wifi, or is it fine to use the dappnode wifi to browse regular websites on the brave browser using protonvpn? (I know protonvpn and my.dappnode aren’t compatible, I just mean for regular browsing is it okay to use, or should I not?)

Thank you for taking the time to answer. I don’t speak computer lingo so if you reply with acronyms like UPnP and stuff, I may have no idea what you’re talking about but will try to figure it out.

Hi @pinejack, welcome to the forum!

I want to encourage you to try to connect to your DAppNode via VPN, if it doesn’t work out you can always still connect via WIFI. There’s no problem on using the DAppNode WIFI to do regular browser navigation, just keep it mind that it may not be as fast or powerful as your regular router WIFI.

The credit-card-sized card for that came with the DAppNode is a unique Ethereum mainnet address that holds a DAppNode NFT token. It is used to cryptographically proof that you own a DAppNode!

Let us know if you find any issues connecting to the VPN.

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