2nd Community Call

After the success of the 1st community call, here comes the July version!

I suggest Wednesday 8th July and doing it one hour earlier for this one:
23:00 MYT (Not many people will be able to join here)
17:00 CEST
11:00 EST
08:00 PT (I doubt many people will join from PT)

This is purely for selfish reasons - I’ll be slightly brighter as it won’t be so late for me, but feel free to push back if you can’t attend because of this hour difference.

  • What topics would you like to talk about?

Let’s build a community-led agenda.
@ligi, I believe you might have something to show?
I will throw in some topics during the week too.

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Meeting is cancelled due to a couple of members of the team having a schedule conflict :frowning_face:

It’s going to be on Thursday 16th July at
23:00 MYT
17:00 CEST
11:00 EST
08:00 PT


I’m going to throw some topics that could be in the agenda and I will edit the post to include topics that other community members suggest:

In no particular order:


(In no particular order, yet)

  • A “Champions” system to reward package makers and empower the community to choose the packages in DAppNode
  • DAppNode Panvala Staking Cluster: Rundown of Gitcoin Grants 6 - what have we got with PAN?
  • Sourcecred / Aracred implementation in the forum - Goal: to identify value flows in the community and reward those who deserve it with cred
  • Potential packages that people might have created? @derfredy has done a SentinelVPN node package, @nate KEEP testnet node… any more @ligi, @fbranciard?

Yea I would have some small topics. Unfortunately at the 16th 17:00 I have another call I cannot move.

Shucks, that really sucks :frowning_face:. The next we will schedule back on Wednesdays!

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Small teaser on one thing I want to talk about:



I will be able to connect to the meeting.

Zied has done some tests about a jitsi support here : https://github.com/zguesmi/jitsi-meet-dnp but I do not know if he will be able to connect to the meeting to share about it.

I can also share 2 words about what I try to test here few weeks ago :
“Shoot The Other Node In The Head”


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
This is so good.

Meeting Notes:


  • DAppNode Panvala Staking Cluster: Rundown of Gitcoin Grants 6 - what have we got with PAN?
    • @alexvinyas: We got a 4.6 multiplier to our donations. Commons Stack managed to stake A LOT of PAN!
      • How can we ensure we stake more tokens for the DAppNode cluster?
      • Can we “sponsor” donations in PAN to the DAppNode project? This way, people can donate in PAN and receive this PAN back for repeating the donation the next round. Since the donations are multiplied, DAppNode still benefits from the extra tokens being donated.
      • [PANVALA] DAppNode Staking Pool 1st set of Grants
  • NGI_Trust - Award by the European Commission to build human-centric tools in order to recover Trust in the internet.


  • @DerFredy: SentinelVPN package: You can contribute to the SentinelVPN network with an exit node with this package!

    • Right now it’s not incentivized, but it will be: DAppNode users will be able to earn money by providing bandwidth with other VPN users!
    • Sentinel Envisions a future where everyone browses the internet privately, hopping from node to node, making it impossible to track your activity online.
    • See a walk-through here: https://vimeo.com/438837193
    • sentinel.public.dappnode.eth
  • @fbranciard - Jitsi & Archipel

    1. There has been some work on the Jitsi multi package: https://github.com/zguesmi/jitsi-meet-dnp

      • Blocker: HTTPS certificates are needed for
    2. Archipel: https://github.com/branciard/archipel/pull/1 - A common problem for PoS validation is that if you want to have High Availability, you might end up with two machines validating with the same key, which will result in slashing. This could be avoided with a tool to phisically stop the power (or turn it on) to the machines you control, so if they become available for signing, they won’t have power and there will be no double signing.

Other Projects


thanks for the notes. Following-up the meeting, I got also some feedbacks from SourceCred contributors:

  • although the DappNode champion on this can already play with the SoucreCred tool, it’s best to wait for the beta release (end of the month hopefully) since it will be a lot easier to deploy / configure & maintain your own instance

  • as part of the beta, we’ll release also some documentation regarding the tool

  • it would be nice to have a Nodler (apart from me & Lanski) to join one of our call every Tuesday, 8pm Paris time

Regarding the Problem Statement, some inputs related to what we have at SourceCred :

  • we use a “#didathing channel” in discord that tracks contributions not captured by the plugins

  • at the moment, we have one emoji that boost the Creds you earn. The SourcreCred emoji signifies that something really cool got contributed. And we’re likely to implement also another emoji for “Support Cred” when you spend time to onboard someone in the project by providing support/explanations

Last but not least, we are implementing a tribute that will make creds flow from the DappNode instance to the SourceCred instance. We are thinking of implementing a 5% rate. It will be nice to have your feedback on this.

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