VPN Keeps Disconnecting

Hi there,

I just finished setting up my DAppNode and things are working pretty great! The one issue that I’m running into is that my VPN client will continuously drop / lose its connection to the DAppNode box.

The VPN client will eventually auto re-connect (or I can manually disconnect and then re-connect when I notice the DAppNode interface failing to respond). But this happens every ~30 seconds or so, so it’s really killing the UX of actually using the DAppNode dashboard.

I have tried uploading my *.ovpn file into Tunnelblick on macOS, OpenVPN on macOS, and OpenVPN on Windows – however all experience the same connection drop issues. So I’m starting to think that the connectivity issue is with the DAppNode box itself.

Any thoughts / comments / feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

It’s been a few days, and now all of my nodes are synced (Bitcoin, Goerli Geth, Geth, Lighthouse Beacon, Lighthouse Validator). I’m not having this issue anymore. I wonder if the VPN kept dropping due to the node being under pressure due to the sync.