Upgraded Prysm and Web3signer not installed

Ive done the upgrade of Prysm 3.0.0 upstream and now Im not active and missing attestations.

I see that web3signer was not installed and i get the following error when trying to install it.

downloading web3signer.dnp.dappnode.eth release from IPFS: IPFS hash not available /ipfs/QmNV5HnzcangmK7K8RKJ42bE7akc4MLVb5G4t29e755mUe: block was not found locally (offline): ipld: could not find bafkreiacfbyktbjsrne535b7wpnsytaq2yab5yiu2ew7v7a7qznzvkrvkm

Advice on discord group:

  • Install any consensus client the web3signer is a dependency and will be installed at the same time.
    -Don’t need to use the client or even keep it installed. But that’s the easiest way to reinstall the web3signer aside from getting the hash from the public repo.

I’ve already installed the consensus client which is the Prysm.

Can anyone advise what you do as my validator is down

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