Updating the disc

what is the best way to update the disc? I currently have 1TB in the DappNode - but this is getting too low now - especially as I would like to add erigon.
What is the best way to update to a bigger disc? Seems I can only make backups of packages - but not yet sure how to backup the core (e.g. for VPN profiles) - also backing up each package sounds like a tedious task. Wondering if there is a better way.


Hi there!

First of all sorry for the delay in the response. There is not an official way to backup the core, although it could be an option to explore.

I assume that you will reinstall dappnode and increase the disc space. If so I would say there are no critical paths to do backup. Everything will be reconfigured and setup from scratch. Your VPN profiles will be regenerated and on the client side you will have to update the credentials, take into account that on newer version of dappndoe OpenVPN is not installed by default, it will be wireguard

However, I will expand what I consider relevant to backup:

  • DAPPMANAGER: most of the things to backup here are “choices” done by the user, such as auto-updates on/off, remote client / full node, etc. The database and cache will be recreated with new values. I would say there are no critical paths to backup
  • IPFS: I would backup the cache and the peer node that you previously connected to (in the case you do)
  • HTTPS: nothing relevant here but the portal mapping you have done of endpoints exposed through HTTPS (if you have).
  • BIND: nothing
  • VPN/WIREGUARD: credentials will be regenerated so you will have to update them on the client side
  • WIFI: SSID and password will be back to default so you will have to change them again
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thanks for the reply - but updating the VPN profiles on the client side would be pain - there are a lot of them …-)

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