Terrible attestation performance

I’m monitoring my validator’s performance using beaconcha.in and it seems to be doing very poorly, at least compared to the ones I ran on the altona testnet. It’s missing attestations at a rate of 50%.

Despite this, it says that the attestation effectiveness is 100%. Beaconcha.in defines “attestation effectiveness” as “the average time it takes for attestations to be included in the chain”, so I guess that does not include the number of missed attestations…? I’ll have to do more reading there.

I’ve made sure the medalla package is updated in dappnode. My machine is running at acceptable temperature and memory usage (apparently). I check the logs in the medalla package for anything strange but didn’t see anything, though I’m not sure what to look for. I’m using lighthouse.

I don’t know what to do next.


FYI, I looked at the discord for clues about whats happening. The issues with lighthouse not attesting as well as it should didn’t account for my 50-60% attestation success rate (their issue is saying a missed attestation rate of ~6% is being seen).

I saw some recommend the purge-db function for the beacon node. I went to the dappnode interface and deleted the volume…which I’m guessing is the same thing. It redownloaded the blockchain and now I’m attesting at almost 100% success.