Serious problem with Medalla/Pysm and VPN and internet


I was running Medalla with Prysm more or less successfully for a month.

Last few days I cannot access to my Dappnode Extreme via OpenVPN when Medala and Prysm are synced.
On the other hand, when I connect to Dappnode with WiFi directly, I cannot acces internet anymore.

And it is happening only when Medalla and Prysm ar synced. For example, If I disconect my Dappnode, when Medalla says “Running for -negative value”. As soon as it is running in positive value, problems with connectivity starts again until I restart my dappnode.

Also, I recently deleted volume VPN-shared -Orphaned, because it vwas saying all the the time, Orphaned - 0 bytes.
Can this be the reason? If not, please advice me what to do?

Hi @mihailo

Can you please go to Support > Auto-diagnose and Support > Report and send us screenshots of it?

We will also need to know what version of the Medalla Package.

Can you please send us all so we can review? thanks

Hello @ruvenni,
I’m sending you information that you’ve required.

Auto-diagnose screenshot:

Report Screenshot:

Medalla screenshot:

It say that the version is: Version: 1.0.15 (Prysm: v1.0.0-beta.2, Lighthouse: v0.3.3 upstream)

Also, something new happened today, I cannot now even open medalla UI at all.
I haven’t touched anything meanwhile, it happened on itself.

I’m sending you also activity log, if that can be of any help:

Thank you.

Hi @ruvenni, I don’t want to hurry you, bu can you just tell me if you can find out something from screenshots presented, or is it a better idea for me to just reinstall the whole dappnode OS.
Because ETH2.0 launching is coming, and I’m unable to contribute and to tests more than 10 days now because of this problem.


Hi @mihailo

It looks like something might not be working 100% properly in your network. Maybe rebooting the router and checking the Ethernet cable connection and integrity will bring some benefits.

Also we are evaluating if we can create a Graphana Dashboard view for the DMS package to help monitoring network status.

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Thank you for your help @ruvenni :slight_smile:
I’ve checked router to the detail, as I understand it, everything looks like it should. Upnpn is enable NAT loopback pings, no ports closed, hardware is ok.
I’m even running another dappnode on my old laptop, just to do some more tests with other dapps, and it works fine on the same router.

I restored dappnode to the latest version with command suggested in the documentation, and uninstalled all dapps. Connection is back again. Now I’m installing Medalla again with prysm, to see, will the problem will start again.

Anyways, as 1 december is coming, I think I will reinstall dappnode on dappnode extreme machine, if there is no any consequences. Just to have fresh start, and I hope that the problem will disapear then…

Hi @mihailo

We do not recommend running more than one DAppNode instances under the same LAN. It’s a source of network problems, messing up with the UPNP and the router unless you manually configure ports at least in one of them.

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Thanks @ruvenni , that’s a very good advice. I wasn’t thinking about that at all, but it makes sense.
But anyway I don’t think that was the source of my problems, they came before that.

But as I can conclude from your answer then, if I want to that in future, for whatever reason, I just need to manually configure the ports on the router, and it should work?

Dear @ruvenni and @Lanski (or whoever may know something about this),
because I’ve decided to reinstall Dappnode OS on my dappnode extreme NUC machine,
I found the following:

When I come to step 11 in Dappnode Instalatation manual on official Dappnode documentation website:
“11. Partition disk - Select disk to partition: [SCSIX (0,0,0) (sda) - …]”, I cannot find preinstalled Intel’s SSDs on the list.
I can only see a Flash drive, from which I’m installing as offered disks in offered hard drives.
My first question is:

  1. How to overcome this? And how to choose Intel’s SSDs.

  2. I also have another question about Dappnode Extreme itself that comes from question above.
    Because I’ve realized that Dappnode Extreme NUC Machine has 2 separate 4TB SSDs, how to install Dappnode OS in way that Dappnode can use them both?
    Can it use them both at all? Is that automatic, so I can install Dappnode OS on any of these two, or there is some other settings I need to do first?

I apologize for this amount of questions last few days, but I’m pretty new in this, and at least I hope that the answers will also help to someone else in the future with similar difficulties. So they may be useful as documentation too.

All the best!

Hi @mihailo

We have an unattended ISO version you could use instead. It will serve as a work around so you don’t get stuck in that step.

I’m sending you a DM with the link and credentials.

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Hi @ruvenni, I think that this is exactly what happened to me.

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Hi @mihailo are you sure that you just want to reinstall it. What does it happen if the same happens after a while while you are staking?

After this DappNodeWiFi lost connection with internet. Restarting the router, restarting the dappnode, etc. it is totally ineffective

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Hi @aldaril79
Well, the current situation is that I uninstaled all non-system dapps, and connection returned. I don’t know how and why.
I tried to change keyboard mapping, but I messed something up, so I’m repedatly getting error, described at the end of this documentation page:

But, for some reason I cannot back it up to previous stage with sudo command, or anyhow.

Do you have any idea what actually happened to my dappnode, and why I lost my connection, and why do you think that reinstalling OS would be bad idea?

I have another question for @ruvenni about 2 SSDs.
Will the dappnode OS use the both of them, and how to set to use them both?
Because during the instalation proces I have an option to choose just one of them.


@mihailo I would love to help you, but my experience is very likely much lower than yours.

What you say about unistalling the non-system dapps and it works is very interesting. If you look at my post you’ll see that I got the same problem when I started downloading Geth. Internet became erratic and when the problem was resolved the DappWiFi was disconnected forever from internet, I cannot download the ovpn file.

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@mihailo I’ll try myself tonight to remove geth and see if the connection comes back up.

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Closing as questions have been answer in private!

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