Questions about the DAppNodeAdvanced or Mini

Hi there,
So I’m currently running a testnet validator in the cloud and keep ending up with different errors over a long period of time, most recent being "level=error msg=“Failed to update assignments” error=“rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded”.

I am considering hardware for running a real validator and I was wondering if the DAppNode Advanced or Mini will be able to run one on the mainnet? Is there going to be a mainnet package and will the processing power be enough for it? My cloud set up has 8GB RAM and 50GB but still seems to run the CPU at 95% capacity so looking at getting a set up that will work continuously.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Rupieeroo and welcome to our community!!! :wave:

All of our DAppNode Boxes are ready to make peopleo enjoy the full experience that our solution offers to host Block-chain nodes, manage your wallets and crypto currencies, and participate in ETH2 Staking and much more, with almost no effort (just point&click!!)

Once you have it at home, you’ll just need to get rid of the wrapping and follow a few steps to have your node up and running:

For further references you can check this other conversation or come visit us in our Discord Chat to find out about what other users are currently doing with their DAppNode Boxes :fire::computer::fire:

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