Prysm v1.0 vs Prysm Pyrmont Question

Do I understand correctly that Prysm Pyrmont dapp is just a Testnet Validator?
Will the Prysm v1.0 dapp will be released for dappnode also?

And what alternatives for Prysm do you recommend for mainnet?
Also, can I deposit funds to eth mainnet before the validator dapp is released?

Hello Mihailo,
The PYRMONT DApp is Testnet.

The Mainnet has been released already and you should have it as a featured package in the DAppstore. The package is only compatible with Prysm at the moment.

You can deposit funds to Mainnet at anytime but advisable that you have tested everything on Pyrmont first.
If you deposit on Mainnet and it’s activated before you have your Mainnet validator ready you’ll start receiving penalties.


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I’m trying to install prymont but it hangs up on getting package data

You can deposit funds to Mainnet at anytime but advisable that you have tested everything on Pyrmont first.
If you deposit on Mainnet and it’s activated before you have your Mainnet validator ready you’ll start receiving penalties.

Thanks @AJR So If I understand correctly. I can go to ETH2.0 Mainnet Launchpad. Generate keys, and deposit ETH’s already. But, what should be the next step, not to lose ETH’s?

What does it means to have validator ready? I cannot activate it before importing the keys? What should I do to make it ready and not losing?

Also I have question for both @ruvenni and @AJR, or anyone competent. I saw on Prysm’s discord channel, that they plan to release Prysm 1.0.1 validator on this Friday night. Will the dappnode’s Mainnet Prysm app will be updated, and should I wait the next version, or I can use the featured one without concern?

Also, currently I’m testing with Pyrmont, had similar problem described by @AJR in this post: Dappnode and Pyrmont errors - #18 by AJR

I also couldn’t make a web password when I imported deposit data file and keystore file.
When I uploaded just keystore file, everything went fine.
So as @AJR asked, is that enough, or should I uploded deposit data file also somehow?
And should I expect the same on the mainnet or not?

Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

i read on another post i should update dappmanager. I’ll tell you if it works.

EDIT: it worked. updating DappManager lets me see the featured package for prysm main net

If you are happy with your testing and are confident with Mainnet then the basic steps are

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest core DappNode packages
  2. Install GETH chain and wait for it to sync - upto two days
  3. Install Prysm Mainnet Package and wait for BeaconChain to sync. A couple of hours
  4. Create your keys and deposit your Eth
  5. Run the Prysm Onboarding Web UI and upload your keystore.json file ONLY. You don’t need the deposit.json file for the Web UI
  6. Set complex password for Wallet
  7. Check out the DMS dashboards to see if you are reporting stats
  8. That should be it

Basically have installed the Mainnet Prysm package and Beacon Chain synch’d.

The package has been updated on the DappStore now.

Just the keystore.JSON file is needed.
The process on Mainnet is exactly the same as Pyrmont

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Thanks a lot @AJR for all the explanations :smiley: :pray: , I have just question on this one, where/how I can check that those are synced?
I cannot open Prysm before importing my keystore.

How long do you recommend testing on the testnet for?


Where I have circled there is a drop down for the Validator logs

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Have you completed all your tests? What have you tested for?

I was just testing mainly my hardware and understanding the steps to get everything up and running pretty much. I only running the hardware for a couple days nothing much else than that.

Thanks @AJR, I checked it, but, I was getting this warning :sweat: , I reinstaled Prysm, but warning left.
Should I ignore it or not, and do you have any further suggestions for me what to do? :neutral_face:

And what should I expect to be written in log if the synchronization is successful?


Have you tested things such as what happens in a power outage or you need to reboot your router? Does everything fire up okay, etc.

That just means you haven’t completed the onboarding through the Prysm Web UI. Once you complete that the error will disappear and you should see this. Well I hope this is what you should see.

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Thanks a lot bro! :pray:
I’ll let you know when I finish onboarding. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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In case some here has not yet noticed, we have published a self-staking guide for yoooour reference :partying_face:


@ruvenni @AJR

Guide is fantastic :slight_smile:

Now, with depositing, everything went fine, ETHs are “deposited” now after almost 20 hours and still waiting to be in “pending”.

I even managed to connect Grafana, but in Grafana, I’ve got warning that I have been slashed :open_mouth:
Was that a false trigger, or not?
I haven’t done absolutely anything after depositing.

Everything looks fine when I check validators, and they still in “Deposited” phase. And no balance is under 32ETH when I look at blockexplorer, as te warning say…I think at least…

How this looks like to you, and do you have any suggestions what to do or check next…

Yikes that is the first slashing i have seen in real life. Have you configured your network time clock correctly?