Prysm stops synchronizing without obvious reason over and over again

Hello, after a while.

After last update of Prysm (which I’m not sure that has upgraded it or downgraded it, it says “Version: 1.0.7 (v1.1.0 upstream)” ),
Prysm just sometimes stop syncing, for no obvious reason, and validator ofc, start to miss attestation.

It happens approximately once in three days, and as I restart the Prysm package, or Dappnode, it goes back to normal.

If I do not restart it, it doesn’t get back to normal by itself.

I made few screenshot of validator and package logs at a moment of last time the issue has happens (but they looks normal to me, I’m not sure), so I can share it if need, or I can provide other information if needed.

Can anybody please help me with this issue, because it happening too often…

Probably similar issue as I’m having: Prysm Missed Attestations

This was discussed in the DAppNode discord:

Related to the issue, it seems to be the same one other users already reported. Dappnode team has been in contact with Prysm team and they are in the last phase of fixing this issue, when Prysm team realese the new update we will update dappnode Prysm package ASAP.

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Thanks, I really hope that upgrade will solve this issue.
I had to get up a few times at 4 am to restart the package to solve when this happened (last night also), not very comfortable… :grin:

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