Prysm Pyrmont - Validator/signup: 400 Bad Request

Getting a bad request error when clicking the sign up button in the last step of the pyrsm pyrmont import wallet step:

error: “Could not validate RPC password input”

Any ideas?

Figured it out if anyone is having this issue, it’s because of password complexity during the import process, HTTP response didn’t have the info nor the UI.

I’m having the same issue… thx @bashastaker

For anyone else having this issue, you need to set a stronger password for your Web/Wallet. Even though the UI says your passwords pass complexity requirements. Not sure what the specific requirements are but I ended up using a 12char alphanumeric password with special characters.


I got a similar issue - Http failure response for http://prysm-pyrmont.dappnode/api/v2/validator/wallet/keystores/import

400 bad request

I saw the answers above and changed my password around (which was already 18 chars long)

After a couple of retries same main error but then 401 unauthorised … I think the original password was accepted.

My main concern - Is this also an issue with mainnet prysm?

Yes, the same. Changing password does not help me

The solution is found. Upload only “keystore-… .json” file while creating the wallet

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