Prysm pyrmont package

Trying to install prysm pyrmont package. Getting the fo error message and can’t figure it out.

Error: Error verifying image: image tarball must contain strictly one image
at /usr/src/app/webpack:/src/modules/installer/downloadImages.ts:40:20
at Generator.throw ()
at rejected (/usr/src/app/index.js:174508:65)

“name”: “”,
“version”: “0.1.0”,
“userSettings”: {
“”: {
“environment”: {
“WALLET_PASSWORD”: “**********”
“options”: {}

Just did a fresh install and wipe of ssd,


Hi @TG1 and welcome to our Community Forum!! :parachute: :deciduous_tree:

Last DAppNode version is required in order to run the Prysm Pyrmont Package, updating before installing the package will solve the issue.

How do you update dappnode? Do I need to flash iso to usb again or something? Or run a command on the host? I don’t see in the gui a way to do that.

Nevermind found the script to update on my host. Fixed the problem!

This is the update procedure:

Anyway glad to know everything is working normally again :+1:

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