Package status = exited

I was removing my installed packages to start over and one of them,
Dappnode Exporter is removed but when I go to the My Packages tab it’s still there and says “exited” in red. Is this a problem? Was I not supposed to remove Dappnode Exporter? If so how do I restore it? Thanks.

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Hi @jtodd! Welcome to the forum!

The DAppNode exporter is a companion package of the DMS (DAppNode Monitoring Service). It basically feeds the data to the DMS, which contains the dashboard.
If you want to eliminate it, feel free to go into the package by clicking on it, then to “Controls” (see image below) and then the last option: “Remove”

If you want to restart it, in the same screen you’ll find the “restart” button!

Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 13.05.50