Openvpn question for noob

I’ve managed to get Dappnode running on an old gaming pc with a 500gig ssd. I have an openvpn question, I can’t scan the barcode but I wrote the link down and pasted into my android phone. No luck. Does Dappnode need to be running while I’m doing this? I have upnp enabled and even went into my netgear router and opened (I think) the pnp and unp ports. 80 something and 11 something I believe. It’s also a wired connection cause I thought that’d be fun to run from upstairs to the basement lol. Ok, I’m not super tech savvy but I’m trying. Thanks for the help

Hi @Hgnar and welcome to our community forum!

Yes, DAppNode should be running 24/7 .

If ports are properly opened you should be able to open the link and get your .ovpn file in order to set up the VPN.

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Thank you for the reply!
How do I know if I am connected? And how do I go about seeing Dappnode on my router
/Wired connection?
Thanks again

If the gaming computer you used is powered on, DAppNode should be running too. It starts whenever you switch the computer on.

That depends on your router configuration and your internet service provider. What you need to do is to open the ports as shown here.

Ok, thanks. I have been reading up on my netgear port forwarding stuff. I have open the ports bit I may have not entered the proper internal ip address the service will use.

My question, where can I find the Dappnode ip address to enter that in? Here is a screen shot of the stuff I did except the 3rd bullet point.

I’m not sure about your router but a lot of routers will use DHCP to handle internal IPs so your DAppNode IP inside the network may change dynamically.

Luckily DHCP is just the default config and you should be allowed to config the router to always set the same internal IP to your DAppNode.

You can select from different ip’s. I just selected my phone cause I recognised that one. My dappnode at the time was off so I wonder if I turn it back on and go back to port forwarding, I will see that in there to choose from… Hmm.

Ok, thanks again. I will see how this turns out later.

I checked, DHCP is the default. Could you tell me how to config the router to always set the same IP to Dappnode?

I’m afraid the interface will be different in your case and you will have to learn how to do it in your router, but I can show you how it looks in mine

Thanks for that. This is helpful and a good place to start

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