Openethereum for london hardfork. stuck on older version

Im running openethereum Version: 0.2.7 (v3.3.0-rc2 upstream)
I think it’s not compatible with london hardfork.
There is no update available on the dappstore.
Should I switch to remote node in case Im not able to update before 4th of august?

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Hi @yoyop !

The latest version in DAppNode is 0.2.8 (v3.3.0-rc4 upstream), which is the latest version and compatible with London Hardfork.
All clients in DAppNode are updated to the latest versions and all clients are London-ready!

The update was done 10 days ago so if you haven’t received it you might want to check your IPFS peers to make sure you’re getting the latest packages!


Thanks for the help!
I switch ipfs from low resource to normal. I still dont see the 0.2.8 update, I will give an other try in a couple of hours

Got exactly the same issue. Even by adding IPFS peers, my device does not see the London-campatible updates for none.

@yoyop I just found the solution.
There seems like a problem with the default repository selected in system.
So go to System/Repository/Full Node
For me, this was set to OpenEthereum. I changed it to Geth, This change caused IPFS to update the library.
Hope this solution works for you

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Here is the discussion in the DAppNode Discord where we discovered this bizarre oddity:

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Thanks for the help. I couldnt check the discord but shltf trick did the job.

now Openethereum can’t get in sync anymore.
I reset openethereum a couple of times, uninstall…
usually sync stuck at 98% for few days.
Should I go back to geth? I only have 1tb hard drive

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