Issues staying connected with the Beacon Node using Prysm Mainnet

Hey guys, so after lots of research and figuring out how to setup my validator clients for the main net and having everything setup using dappnode, I am consistently running into one issue when looking at the Prysm web dashboard.

I have followed all the instructions from various guides to setup my nodes and have deposited my ETH and I am about two days away from having my node turn active. One problem that I keep running into is that everything looks good on the Prysm dashboard for a bit of time when it comes to my beacon node status, but after about 20-30 minutes I will get this error message:

http failure response for http://unknown/eth/v1alpha1/beacon/chainhead: 0 unknown error

At that point it will show my beacon node status as “Not connected”. Then In order for me to get reconnected I need to refresh the page and login again, at which point the process seems to repeat where it will be fine for 20-30 minutes and will disconnect again. The dashboard does show my ETH balance and everything looks as it should but this error message leaves me concerned with my node being 2 days from activation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

not connected

Thanks in advance!

Update: Went over to the discord and had my question answered.

Hi @MrNog and welcome to our community forum!

This is a known BUG, we reported it 8 days ago to the Prysm Team and they are currently working on it (it seems so).

Thanks for letting us know here anyway.

Have a look at our Prysm bugs compilation thread if you want to know of other cases

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