Installing dappnode on my nuc

Hi, I had a nuc laying around in my office and decided to install and run dappnode on it. I’m not technical but can follow instructions. I have been stuck on the above and not sure what’s going on now.
Any help is appreciated.

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Ah, damn. You should be seeing a QR code with a link that will guide you to downloading a .ovpn profile.
@vdo, what to do in this case?

Also, if DAppNode is emitting a wifi hotspot (it will be a wifi network, if you’re within range from your NUC, called dappnode, password dappnode - you need to change that 1st thing :slight_smile:), could you try connecting to it and then on your browser go to my.dappnode ?

Hi Lanski, I connected the the dappnode hotspot and password changed,Thanks.20200603_074500
Now I ran into this while trying to install geth.

Yup, something is wrong… Let’s wait till @vdo can shed some light on this!