How to get vpn config file - re-opened

Hi, my problem mentioned in a link hasnt been resolved yet.

I got internet connection, got an access to the UI and cannot reboot as it just keeps loading.

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Hi @django

I’ve had a look at the other thread, seems like rebooting fixes it:

If you do not succeed with it, come back to us with a full description of the problem, letting us know if the dappnode ethernet port light are beaming, and if you have gone through the set-up steps in

My issues:

  • dont have Pyrmont and Mainnet packages in my DAppStore
  • VPN QR not loading - shows ECONNREFUSED
  • cant connect to DAppNodeWIFI
  • problem with rebooting - it as it just keeps loading forever
  • Dappnode Exporter restart also failing



  • auto-updates are enabled
  • rebooting doesnt help
  • autodiagnose shows just: No NAT loopback, external IP did not resolve

Could you someone help please? I understand that eth2 launch is a top priority right now. I am desperately trying also to get there, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @django

Can you please get to Support > Report and copy-paste here your packages versions? Just the content of whats highlighted in the below image