How many blockchains you think I can run with this configuration?

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 14.44.54

How many blockchains can I run with this configuration above? is this a good hardware to start with? The only thing is that the form factor is really small, so I am a bit concerned about overheating. Dimensions are 179mm x 88mm x 22mm / 7.05" x 3.46" x 0.87"
This unit is selling with a big discount at $399, so it feels like a good deal . Downside is that the only upgradable thing is the Hard Drive.

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Was nice to chat with you about this in the chat! Just leaving the conclusions here for others to see:

  • Everything in this machine is powerful enough to run multiple blockchains, but the problem will be the disk space… if we are talking “multiple” blockchains, one would need more than 512GB, as the ETH alone is 300GB+ already. Bitcoin is smaller, but it would get real crampy real soon. If the SSD is upgradeable, with 1TB you’ll be super fine
  • Regarding overheating, none of the packages are super intensive, except for BOINC client and Folding at Home, which ramp up memory and cpu to work for medical research. There have been cases when an alpha test package (for ETH2.0 validators) was faulty and got the machine working too hard, but that’s not normal behaviour and a final version of a validator shouldn’t stress your hardware to the point of overheating at all.
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