Getting started w Dappnode on Rpi4_8gb

Hello. I was super exited to see finally dappnode on Rpi, and wanted to try it out.
However i am still very novice, and rely heavy on good guides and google to make things work.

The rpi DAppNode Installation guide is just 2 simple steps, and congratulations you are done. :slight_smile:

But i have trouble connect to the vpn. I run the dappnode_connect command, but i cant connect with the link or qr-code that pops up. (err connection refused)

Im not familiar with what ports etc to have open, but i used type UDP and port 1194 since i remembered i used that for dappnode before on another machine.

Any tips that could help me getting started would be highly appreciated.


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thanks to troubleshooting on Troubleshooting - Documentation i managed to fix the issue myself.
It was a result of opening port 1194 and 8092. Now hopefully i am able to sync and have attached my SSD correct :slight_smile:

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