Few relatively noob questions, advises highly appreciated

Hello everyone,

I’m proud owner of Dappnode Extreme for a month.

I was doing tests on Medalla for almost a month. Running 5 validators on Prysm (totally 160 Goeth at the beginning).

I have few questions related to testing validators, and a few general questions.

General first:

  1. Almost since the beginning, I have under the System>Volumes the volume “VPN-Shared -Orphaned”.
    What exactly “Orphaned” means and, can I safely remove this volume?

  2. When I got my Dappnode Extreme Machine, I also got my Nodler ID card, with Public Key, and Private Key under scratchable surface. Where do I use those keys and address. And for what is this card for?
    I see the url nodler.dappnod.io, but it takes me to wall of fame website.

Question about Medalla and ETH 2.0, after one month of testing:

  1. I started with 160 GoETH. Curently I have 114. Tests wasn’t so good.
    I changed validators during this month, from prysm to lighthouse and back, so it gave me a lot of offline time. I have internet connection which is fast, almost always online, but bandwidth speeds are unstable, and change relatively often, although, there is no real downtime periods. Can this be the cause?

Also, I’ve tried to understand articles about Medalla, and as I understood, there was some problems with that network a few weeks ago.
Is it only my responsibility (offtime, bad settings) for that loses, or there is also a factor that Medalla wasn’t working properly.

  1. At one moment I wanted to do the EXIT, just to try out how it works. All I could find on internet are commands in docker. What is a docker on dappnode OS. Is it command line(that I can use only if I connect monitor and keyboard)? Is it any more practical ways to do these commands over vpn, like with other dapps, or is there docker dapp itself?

  2. As I understood withdrawal keys on Medalla would be generated from phrase given to me. If I exit some day, how practically will it looks like? Will it be some generator that will generate my withdraws address, on which I will get my funds back, or something else?

  3. When I start validators, can I change beacon nodes during the process (prysm or lighthouse), or I need to exit and enter every time when I do that?

  4. When ETH2.0 comes out, there would be completely new dapp, with its specific beacons and everything? Is that correct?

I would appreciate your help and advises.

Hi there @mihailo!

Let’s get to it question by question:

  1. Orphaned appears when the package that “owns” the volume disappears. I suspect this is an error or a bug. I would wait until @dapplion confirms that for deletion.

  2. The Nodler ID card contains an Ethereum public/private key - it’s a wallet! Inside the wallet there’s a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that identifies you as the owner of a DAppNode! We will soon reveal a first use case for such NFT.

Let’s get to Medalla:
3. Medalla spent a lot of time - as you mentioned - without working properly. Every validator in the network couldn’t validate properly and everyone lost balance. Inactivity leaks (the small penalty that you get for being offline) are very small and it is estimated that you only need to be online more than 60% of the time in order to start being profitable.

  1. At the moment we don’t support EXITs. The version for mainnet that we are preparing will include the EXIT function. Bear in mind that in mainnet, even if you do an exit, you won’t be able to transfer this ETH until phase 1.5, so it is definitely not advised to do this exit unless you have a very very good reason! (or it will be locked and not giving returns for an undeterminate amount of time). Other alternatives are strongly preferred.

  2. Yes. You can derivate your withdrawal key from the seed phrase with a derivation tool. There will be tools for that for sure! As an example, this is how you would do it: https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ - WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OF THESE ONLINE TOOLS. If you must, run it locally.

  3. No. Exit is only to exit the validator set. Once you exit you can’t go in again.

  4. Yes!

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Thanks a lot @Lanski and @ruvenni.
I’m only waiting for the advice from @dapplion then.

So, if I do not solve my problem, do you think that reinstallation of the system over USB is a good idea?

You can always reinstall with the newest ISO, yes. But you would have to sync again and might be painful! Let’s see if @dapplion can throw some light.
Your Nodler ID is in the ETHCard that was sent with your DAppNode, so no problems with deleting the software - you will always be a Nodler!

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@mihailo I’ve just review the code and you don’t have to worry about the VPN-Shared -Orphaned volume. Orphaned means that it is not used by any package. In this case due to an upgrade of the VPN package the volume was left un-used so in this case it’s OK to delete it.

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Thank you @dapplion :slight_smile:

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