Eth 2.0 Staking Questions

Hi all,
A noob to Eth 2.0 and staking here. I’m trying to get my head around all the various pieces of advice and updates on here and other sites re how and when we can start staking on Eth 2.0. I’d appreciate any advice and support.

Few questions to begin

  1. Am I right that even if you staked your 32 Eth and had everything setup you cannot earn Eth against your stake until Phase 0 / Beacon Chain launch?

  2. You can’t Stake real Eth using DappNode until a Mainnet client is available?
    2.a. Prysm have announced their upcoming Eth2.0 mainnet release circa 24th Nov.
    How long after this release could we expect a DappNode package?

  3. What are the current Dappnode Packages I need to install for testing on Testnet as a minimum?

  4. Assuming I am happy with testing on Testnet, what would be the steps to migrate from Testnet to Mainnet? ie. Should you scrap certain packages and start again?

  5. On the Eth 2.0 Launchpad Checklist under Security there are a number of actions to perform. Do we need to perform any of these? Particularly setting up a Firewall and Opening Ports.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi AJR! Welcome to the DAppNode community!

  1. Yes, you are correct. Since the beacon chain hasn’t started, your validator will not have anything to validate! Hence no validating rewards.

  2. Let’s very quickly review concepts here: what DAppNode will give you is an easy way to deploy, maintain and update everything that’s needed to perform the validation work in Eth2. That includes an Eth1 node, a Beacon chain node and a “validator client” - that actually does the validation work. In order to stake ETH you can go to the official launchpad and stake your ETH. Then, you need to introduce the validator keys that you will generate at that moment into the mainnet validator package (not available yet). Then, armed with your validator keys, the software that you have deployed in dappnode can start performing its work. The truth is that if we are still talking about these basics, I would highly encourage you NOT to stake your ETH yet. There are many risks that do NOT depend on dappnode that you need to fully understand before assuming them. I recommend you to try setting up a validator in the Medalla testnet with DAppNode to have a first impression of the process… and read a lot! Drop by our Discord and have a chat with the community for quick questions!

  3. Once you install the medalla validator it will guide you through installing all necessary packages.

  4. They will be different packages. And certainly, you will need to start again: Medalla is just a testnet - but it’s a real blockchain completely separate from eth2, that just happens to have the same specs and functionality so people can test how it will be when Eth2 comes.

  5. We still don’t know the final form of the validator package. We will try to abstract all the complexity from these steps, but we will warn you if you need to take any of these steps.

Have a good one!

Hey Lanski,

Thanks for the reply

  1. Great, thanks for confirming.

  2. Thanks for the advice, yes I have a Medalla Validator setup already using Dappnode (well, it’s waiting to be activated). I’ve installed Geth and Goerli Geth as well. I had tried the Dappnode Prysm Validator Package but am I right in thinking that’s been superseded by the Medalla Validator Package?

  3. Got that thanks.

  4. Apologies, I should have been clearer, should I delete the Testnet packages, can they run in tandem with Mainnet packages, Or even go as far as re-installing Dappnode from scratch to have a totally clean build?

  5. Thanks, again to clarify does the DappNode Debian OS include a local ufw firewall config or do we need one? I look forward to your response.

  6. Following on from point 2. Prysm have announced a Pyrmont Testnet (due next week)… is there an intention to release a supporting Dappnode Package? And assuming a 24th Nov release for Prysm’s Mainnet package what is the likely timeframe for a corresponding Dappnode Package?

  7. Also, is there any time saving benefit in staking your 32 Eth now as opposed to waiting till your validator is built and you can import your Validator keys. ie. Is the activation queue start time based on when you deposit your Eth or when you import the keys into the validator?

Thanks again. I love the Dappnode value proposition, you’re doing a great job.


It’s standard Debian so that’s on the OS side.

Prymont’s on our Roadmap but we don’t have any estimations for a package yet.

Also, we’re working directly with the Prysm Team to try to have Prysm’s Mainnet package available the closest to the release date :tada:

I don’t really know, let’s wait and see if anyone here can shed a light on it :sos:

That’s brilliant Ruvenni!! :+1:

As I’ve found out by testing the process on Pyrmont you can stake your 32 Goeth(Eth) at anytime and that is the point at which you enter the activation queue, not when you start your Validator. HOWEVER, if you don’t have your validator up and running by the time you reach the front of the activation queue you will start receiving penalties.

So until there is a Mainnet package available there is a risk in staking your 32 Eth.

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