DAppNode over unRAID?

Hello beautiful dappnoders!

I would love to know if someone has installed a DAppNode over a unRAID. If not, I would try to be the first and tell you my (hopefully) glory path, but if someone else is faster is ok! :smiley: :ok_hand:

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Hi luis!

Let’s see if someone else has tried :eyes:

Meanwhile if you give as all a hint on what’s unRAID about maybe someone else could get curious about, try it, and share the experience along the way.

Thanks a lot!!

Hi Ruvenni!

It’s a virtualization os that allows you to create and manage VM, and dockers. I think it is better to check the web and watch some videos. I felt completely in love with it https://unraid.net/

I installed Unraid in a pendrive and then docker-compose and finally DAppNode with the following command:

$ wget -qO - https://installer.dappnode.io | sudo bash

It installed everything and I can see the dockers but I got the following error:

failed to initialize logging driver: journald is not enabled on this host

I did a Google search but I didn’t find how to fix it.

Hi @luis ! the easiest solution would be to install journald in the host yes. We use journald (instead of the default docker logger) in all our core packages since it makes sure to prune and rotate logs.

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Thanks for the early answer. I am trying to do it, but it is getting hard. I have found that unRAID runs in Slackware Linux which I think is does not have a journald package and I am a bit stuck there :sweat_smile:


I finally installed it over unRAID as a VM, through noVNC following the installation guide. I chose br0 as Network Bridge and I can see the new DAppNode connected to my router with an IP and the MAC (a generated one) correctly.

Next challenge is to store Ethereum Blochain data properly in a shared drive os somewhere and let unRAID take care of the storing process.

Any ideas?

I was running DAppNode inside a VM over unRAID and it was working pretty good but it is not working as fino-filipino as I want.

I have asked in unRAID forum because I think the issue ir more in that part than in DAppNode, but I think it is going to be good for the community to share it if anyone want to run it, do not make my new mistakes.

Problems running docker in a mounted share volume in a VM


Hello @dapplion, @Edu;

I found a guy running dockers with journald logger in unRAID with volatile mode. Would it be possible to do it with DAppNode containers? Could somebody give me some clues to try it?

I don’t give up using DAppNode on unRAID :star_struck:

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