Dappnode crashing - possibly Prysm issue

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Core DAppNode Packages versions

  • bind.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.6
  • core.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.50
  • dappmanager.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.45, commit: 7b9ad9ad
  • ipfs.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.15
  • vpn.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.8, commit: f9a8743e
  • wifi.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.8

System info

  • dockerComposeVersion: 1.25.5
  • dockerServerVersion: 20.10.2
  • dockerCliVersion: 20.10.2
  • os: debian
  • versionCodename: bullseye
  • architecture: amd64
  • kernel: 5.10.0-6-amd64
  • Disk usage: 37%

My Dappnode running on a 8th gen NUC suddenly would not let me connect to it via vpn. I had to power cycle it manually and it seems like prysm has crashed. I have deleted the entire prysm package and after resyncing it still seems to lead to the same issue.

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