Connecting to web3 on Nuc Dappnode locally

Hi all,

My Nuc Dappnode is running geth software, and I’m able to connect to it through VPN from my laptop and interact with web3.

I however would also like to build dapps hosted on the Nuc itself, but I can’t seem to get the web3 connection running.

When connecting to the node from the same machine, what parameters (URL and port) should I be using? I’ve tried what is mentioned in the documentation, which works for the laptop, but not on the machine itself.

I assume that when on the same machine a VPN isn’t necessary, or am I mistaken?

Furthermore, I understand that an IPC connection should be possible when on the same machine, but I don’t know where to find the geth.ipc file… where is that located on the dappnode?

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I’ve been following your same route because I have many of the same questions you have. I’m not able to use the http or ws directly. I get a connection refused error.

From the following, it appears that IPC is a good candidate and you mention it in your question.

I found a geth.ipc file in my /var/lib/docker/volumes/gethdnpdappnode_geth/_data/ but I’m not sure that is the correct one. I see there is a way to set the IPC path with --ipcpath but I’m still experimenting with it.

The only thing we can think of is to expose the port (in case you don’t want to connect via VPN) taking care not to expose it to the outside and blocking UPnP if necessary.

With the help of someone on the dappnode discord, I’ve gotten this working finally.

It’s a DNS issue, and adding the geth clients internal address to the /etc/hosts file solves the issue.

Add this geth.dappnode

Then the connection should work using the following rpc provider : http://geth.dappnode:8545

If you do this from an external device, it works if you’re connected to the dappnode VPN (which solves the similar issue I raised in another topic about not being able to connect via my raspberrypi)


Thanks for the feedback!
Linking the other topic here for reference - Cannot connect to DappNode from Raspberry Pi on same network

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