Confused about SDK / dappnode-package.json

Hey there,

I’m building a DappNode package for the BrightID IDChain. Overall i got it running, but I’m confused about the contents of dappnode-package.json and the overlap with docker-compose.yml.

For example DAppNode Package Manifest Reference - Documentation has a lot of entries in the image subnode. But many of these are also part of docker-compose.yml. Example port and volume definitions. Where should I put these?

Looking at the ethchain package there is no image node at all in DNP_ETHCHAIN/dappnode_package.json at master · dappnode/DNP_ETHCHAIN · GitHub.

Also adding to my confusion are the commands dappnodesdk gen_compose and dappnodesdk gen_manifest. What is the expected workflow here? Why/when should i use them?

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@dapplion - you’re the SDK mastah

@triplespeeder The documentation def has to be updated. We moved recently to a directory type release, where all the docker related info is in the compose, and only metadata goes to the manifest (without the image field). Please check this package as a good example of where to place each data

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I’ve updated the Docs to only show the directory type release which expects all docker data to be contained in the docker-compose

Thanks for reporting!


Great, thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: