Can't connect from external network with VPN

Hi all,

I am trying to reach my DAppNode server from outside my local network. I can connect using the VPN config file when on my local network. I’ve also enabled UPnP, added UDP port 1194 and TCP port 8090 to the port forwarding on my router. My VPN client just “waits for server response”.

Looking at the logs I can see that the DynDNS is working but it’s as if nothing is going through. Does it matter if the WAN IP my router declares is different from the IP returned by DynDNS?

How can I debug it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I have the same problem! My router is Pepephone provider and i have the same problem from my mac and from my android device. How can we debug??


This can be several things but it’s usually related to closed ports that prevent the external access.

The fastest way to check it is using this website

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 11.38.56

Some ISPs have what is known as CG-NAT, preventing direct access to your home, normally making a call to them and telling them that you want to access a video surveillance system or something similar is enough to encourage them to deactivate it.

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I see, thanks! I tried this out, the port is open…

So I guess next step is a call to the ISP. Will update if this did the trick.

“Closing” this as I was able to finally connect after requesting static IP from my ISP. Thanks for the help @Edu !

Welcome! Happy that you’re able to connect

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