Cannot connect to my DappNodeAdvanced local UI

Hi there, I’ve had issues with my Wifi and VPN access for a couple of months now and so haven’t been able to access the UI (separate issue!) but I’ve just been able to access the browser site through my local network. it is asking for a user and password and I gave it dappnode and my ssh password. I got a NOT REGISTERED error that starts like this:

    at http://dappnode.local/static/js/main.bb08712a.chunk.js:1:37224
    at c 

Are these the correct credentials to connect? if not what should I be doing? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

With the current version have you th problem yet?

I could only access the UI through local with the current version and this is where I’ve found the problem. I still can’t access with WiFi or VPN for some reason so not being able to work out my log in details for the local UI is my last option.

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