Beacon Chain syncing - how long?

Hi, I set up an eth2 testnet validator using dappnode. Then tried to break it by reinstalling dappnode and reimporting validator keys. But it seems like I can’t do that until the Beacon chain finishes syncing. Was trying to figure out how long I’d be offline in worse case scenario. I’m getting the message: “Eth2 beacon node is still syncing. The validator can not perform its duties until it’s fully synced” Anyone know how long it takes the beacon node to sync?

I think the beacon chain was 2 to 3 hours last time i did it.

Thanks for response. It took longer than I thought. Obviously I imagine it’s increasing over time. And depends on CPU processing power? Anyway, it was taking all day and I thought something was wrong so I switched from Prysm to Lighthouse. In the logs Lighthouse tells you how much time is remaining to sync, which I found comforting, even if it wasn’t any faster. Anyway, in my unofficial experiment it took me about a day of downtime to erase everything and spin the validator back up.