100% CPU usage on an i7

I checked my dashboard to find my CPU usage is at 100% and memory usage at 98%.

My onyx validator had been missing attestations for several hours which is why I checked. I tried resetting the node so I lost sync on main chain and goerli. Same problem.

I removed the onyx beacon and validator packages and it dropped back to 40%. Trying to regain sync on goerli and main chain now.

I have an i7 with a Samsung Evo 970 nme and 16gb ram.

Good to report. Let’s see if more people are in the same situation.

I reinstalled onyx and let it sync. Then I restored my validators. My CPU usage is around 20% and memory usage around 80%, just like before. Attesting to blocks.

I’ve had the same issue the last week. The box gets hot and CPU and memory are maxed out. I remove onyx packages and reload my validators, works for about half a day then it bricks again (won’t even let me connect to the wifi hotspot)

Yeah… other users are reporting problems with the Onyx packages. Could you try with Altona and see if the problem persists with the new testnet?

I was having the same issue running v.1.0.6 of the Onyx testnet on an i7 8705G with 32G memory. After an hour or two the memory and/or cpu would spike and crash the validator. Oddly, it seems to be running fine with v.1.0.5 on an i5 4590 with 8G memory. I now have Altona running on the i7 and so far it seems to be running fine with <10% CPU usage.


There is presently a memory overflow issue of sorts. It really depends on how many validators you are validating (as it appears at least initially to be some form of communication overflow between dockers).

I have tested this w/ one validator… no issue… 3 no issue… but when I get to 7, everything breaks. and I get out of memory issues and the CPU and memory both scramble to 100%.

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I’m having this issue with Altona also. Odd that the validator is having the issue while the beacon node seems to run just fine. The validator is supposed to be really lightweight.

I am having the same problem with Altona. Just to recap the situation. CPU i7 and 16g of ram, Samsung Evo 970. The CPU is maxing out. Specifically the altona beacon chain process is using 93% of cpu. I am running 11 validators. I have identified that when I stop running the validators the CPU returns to normal usage. It seems as though the validator is causing the problem.

I can also verify I started seeing problems moving from 6 to 7.

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Problem seems to be resolved with the update today Version: 1.0.5 (v1.0.0-alpha.15 upstream)

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Same. I am also having no issues now.

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