100% CPU Prater Node Sync / Dappnode

Hello, trying to understand if normal

  • latest version of dappnode and prater package
  • 4 hours into prater node sync : 17%
  • box has higher specs than recommended.

Stop/Restart Prater package. CPU stays low for a bit
and comes back in the high 90%. Cannot share DMS s
CPU usage : DMS prater dashboard does not seem to $
get them for some reason.

Do I just need to wait for the sync ot be over in a few
days or start digging?


Edit: restarting the package bring the CPU back to 30% before it peaks again after an hour or so.

What other packages do you have installed and running, also and please post your logs from prater.

Also please share machine specs, recommended specs have evolved quickly due to increasing chain sizes and more availability of packages on DAppNode and not every instance of their posting in the documentation is necessarily up to date.

However, when syncing a new Chain it is normal for your CPU and other resource usage to increase dramatically, however this does not continue once fully synced.

DMS has a known error regarding docker container usage and a fix is not yet ready, but is in the works, also DMS needs 2 additional packages to get all metrics needed for the dashboards to function properly. (DAppNode Exporter and Metrics Tools).

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